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BUSINES HOURS : 416-389-6007

AFTER HOURS : 416-259-4041

27 / 7 on the job

About Us

We are reliable professionals with over 25 years of work experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.

We are not cheap on the spot but cheapest on the long run, you will not see us to often but you will always come back when in need of repairs.

We accept major credit cards and interac payments.

 We belive in work well done with dedication and satisfaction guaranteed we do it right first time ,minimize your breakdown and maximize your road time be able to roll your rig and produce decent revenue for your business. If we belive we can`t do it right will not do it at all.


You name it and we can provide it. With an experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

We offer on call side road repairs for truck & trailer  also medium trucks ,electrical repairs, jump starts(starters alternators), Computer Diagnose (J1708 HD, J1939 HD and Ind.,OBD-II) for CAT,CUMMINS , DETROIT , VOLVO ,INTERNATIONAL , HINO , NISSAN , FORD 6.0 L , ALLISON , MERITOR , WABCO , EATON ,  welding , custom fabrication , threads repairs , aluminum welding and repairs, custom lighting, HID kits , LED lights, Hydraulic systems, hoses and fittings also we can help you with your personal vehicles repairs.

Just call  us @ 416-389-6007 from 09:00 to 18:00 regular business hours or after hours @ 416-259-4041.

We take pride in our job and we are dedicated to our customer satisfaction we want you to be successful in your business and minimize your broke down time let you spin the wheels and produce revenue so everybody make a decent living for our familys.

We also drove for a living before and we know the live OTR with the satisfaction or frustration with very little time for personal live and family with the fuel surcharge calculated or paid once a month when the fuel fluctuate every week even twice a week ,with the brokers that don’t care that you are at 100 mile or less from home and you have to overnight at the border because “no proper documents” or with dispatchers that they think are the crème de la crème in reality they have no clue what is the live in the truck OTR and you are forced to deadhead empty miles with no pay or pay for nothing just to get a load that will bring you close to home or to be able to make the payment on the truck , with “ 25 years on the job” Journeyman that they rob you with no guns when your truck is broke in the middle of nowhere and you have no alternative to those clueless and unscrupulous guys.

Will cost you close to nothing to give us a call at least you can gain a friend and ask for advice when you think something is not right with your truck or with the repairs made .

Contact us now!


OTR BREAKDOWN gets the job done!


As I told you I was driving for living when I came to Canada (because they don`t recognise my license from EU) and I have the chance to put my truck in numerous shops and I realize those "journeyman" have no clue what they are doing just big mouth but no results, don’t get me wrong are a lot of mechanics well trained and Knowledgeable but the majority have no clue if they have to think for one minute they have headaches for one week. Therefore I took the decision to open my own mobile shop and provide outstanding services. All my friends told me that I have a lot of courage to open the shop but I explain to them that the individual is the one that bless the spot.


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